Saturday, March 12, 2016

Trump Supporter Accosted by 'Black Lives Matter' Protestors

Watch the interaction, first, below...

Okay, 'accosted' is a bit reaching, IMO. These debates were, I think, generally pretty civil. I guess it may be technically correct (even though we don't really know how the interaction began), but I digress.

So this was very interesting to watch. I'm not a Trump supporter, and I actually think he is one of the worst up there, after Bernie Sanders, but regardless of who this guy supports -- he has cast aside the victim mentality and is more interested in self-empowerment based on individual merit, not arbitrarily-drawn lines of 'class' or 'race'. He has transcended these self-destructive boxes.
Good for him.

It doesn't matter whether you're 'white', 'black', 'latino', 'asian', whatever. The victim mentality is self-destructive. Building walls around arbitrarily-drawn lines of 'race' and 'class' and the desire to stay under the dependency of government is disempowering -- not empowering.

The people at the end saying, and I'm paraphrasing, "All it is is black skin, you're one of us and that's it, all white people see is that you're black and that's it -- it's us and them!" (when it's very clear that all these people see is that white people are white), etc -- well, when you as an individual approach everything in life like this, and you purposefully, explicitly, publicly, and aggressively separate yourself out in this way -- then yes, it makes it a lot harder to see past differences and find similarities, cohesion, friendship, and cooperation.

People don't all view the world and other people in this way, and they don't need to. This is not how you build a peaceful and civil society. You don't break down barriers by approaching it like this -- by building the barriers ever higher and deeper and trying to legitimize them.

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