Sunday, May 7, 2017

The True Nature of Voting

The "right" to vote?  What is that, exactly?  Does this mean that I can insinuate my voting right into any other person's life?  If this person refuses to listen to me, can I sue for damages?  How is this right violated?  How is it maintained?  How is it asserted?

Oh, I can only use it in terms of elections organized by the state?  Can I use my voting right to help pass legislation?  No?  I have to be an elected official first?  I thought you said this was a right?  Why would I need the state to define when and how I could use it?  If the state determines when and how I use it, is it really a "right"?

Can I use it in any election?  No?  I have to be registered first?  It needs to be on the ballot in my voting district?  If I have been incarcerated, does the state guarantee that I am available and able to vote in my district's elections?  No?  So, it has been revoked?  Can I vote down martial law if it is imposed?  No?  Revoked again, I assume.

I'm sorry, but this sounds less like a "right" and more like a state-granted entitlement and an extremely weak, tightly controlled power to influence the state and impose its will on others, assuming those in office magnanimously grant it.

How has this ruse not been seen for what it is, sooner?  The vote is not "majority rule,"  it is not "Two wolves and a sheep deciding what's for dinner," it is hardly even political power, in any meaningful sense of the word.  It is a fragment of a bone, offered as a bribe to the population at large, to convince them not to revolt, or to interfere with the day-to-day operation of the State.  It is a cheap pacifier for the all-but-powerless.

Congratulations for falling for the con.

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